Os jogos de enigma são jogos colaborativos que integram e motivam equipes.

Você e sua equipe terão que encontrar pistas, desvendar os enigmas e descobrir como escapar em até uma hora.

Games on Escape Hotel

  • Up to 70 people playing simultaneously.
  • Beaultiful furnished meeting room.

Sales meetings

  • Taylor made games for events and sales meetings.
  • Games buit in the hotel rooms.

In Company Escape Games

  • We build games at any indoor site of the company or events.
RHTEAMBUILDING Take your team offsite for a fun and rich experience in team work.TRAINING The escape game is an effective tool to develop abilities such as comunication, logical thinking, leadership, resiliance, among others. REWARDS Discount price to the company employees.RECRUTING Inside the control room, HR professionals can trace the atitudes and profile of each player during the game.IN COMPANY ESCAPE GAMES Games on demand built in company.
Marketingand salesPRODUCT LAUNCHES The rooms at Escape Hotel can be customized for product launches and promotion.SALES MEETINGS Your team will have to work together, creating the union that will lead them to success.EVENTS & FAIRS With a team of experienced writers, Escape Hotel develop exclusive games to fit your needs.HAPPY HOUR Escape Hotel is perfect for events and happy hours. We offer a beaultiful furneshed place with food and beverage of your choice.DEBRIEFING After the game it is time for the debriefing, where our consultants will help the participants extract the best of their experiences and apply it to the day to day work.



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