An immersive experience like you’ve never seen!

A mysterious hotel where each door takes you to different places. You will have to unravel puzzles, find clues and figure out how to escape the room within an hour.

A game that challenges your inteligence and creativity.
Get ready for the adventure!


School of Magic

The Lord of Evil is in search of the philosopher's stone, that will give him the power to dominate the world, spreading all sorts of evil and terror. You are students of the School of Magic and need to use all your knowledge and spells to rescue this precious stone before he puts his dirty hands on it.
2 to 8 people   60 min
Zero padlocks


In a former slaughterhouse, a psychopath plays with the minds of his victims. You have had this tragic destiny and now, trapped in this dungeon, you must find a way to escape the perverse games of this assassin within 60 minutes, the time he set aside before it's too late.
2 to 8 people   60 min
Age 14+

The Mistery of the Mansion

Who killed? Where and with what weapon? A crime was committed in the mansion of Comendador Bastos. The commander, a mysterious character of whom little is known, was murdered. You are one of the greatest detectives in the world, and were called to unravel this crime. It is known that five people had access to the mansion. You have to use all your power of deduction to solve this murder.
2 to 6 people   60 min

The Abominable Snowman

On the way to Mount Everest, a group of climbers are faced with an avalanche and seek shelter in an ancient Tibetan temple. However, a mysterious being rounds the place: Yeti - the Abominable Snowman. He has already sniffed you and is approaching the temple to devour you.
2 to 6 people   60 min
Launch: October

The Robbery of the Pink Diamond

You are about to enter the National Museum, where a great party is held for the unpublished exhibition of the diamond "Pink Panther". But you will not be there as guest. You were recruited from among the best thieves in the world to steal the diamond, and will have an hour to cheat the security scheme and get out of there with it. Otherwise you will spend the rest of your life behind the bars.
6 to 18 people   60 min
Launch: Sep 6th

The Zoo of Dr. Moreau

Dr. Moreau, a scientist who became famous for his experiments with animals, disappeared after discovering a new way of life. Despised by the scientific community, use to live in an old zoo in which you and your eam of researchers are about to enter and find out his whererabouts. Are you ready for this adventure? Learn more
2 to 8 people   60 min

Lost in Space

More than a hundred years ago, inside a pyramid in Egypt, scientists discovered a space that should not be there: a secret room with strange technology, built by aliens. A room that moves in space-time. You are about to enter this room, but you must find the way back to planet Earth, or you will be eternally vanished in the confines of infinity. Learn more
2 to 5 people   40 min

Mafia Kids

You and your family of mobsters were summoned to an ultra-secret meeting that will decide the future of the city of São Paulo. The "consiglieri" of the powerful boss baby will help and protect you from an imminent invasion of the Russian mob. Learn more
6 to 16 people   60 min
7 to 11 years old
Live actor


The most powerful mafia boss, Don Vito Genovese, is about to retire and leave to you and your family the power he has won over the years. You need to conquer each territory commanded by Don Vito before the Russian mob discovers the location of the meeting and wipe out all of you. Learn more
6 to 16 people   60 min
Live actor
The room is exclusive for your team


More than 30 years ago, Veronica was killed in the bathroom of the school where she studied. Her soul wander since then, and many people do not dar to get even close to that bathroom because terrible things might happen. It's time for you to face the fear and free Veronica's soul. Will you have the guts? Learn more
2 to 8 people   60 min
The room is exclusive for your team

Crime Scene

A cold-blooded murder occurred in one of the hotel rooms, and no clue was found about the criminal. Unhappy, the victim's family hired you and your team of detectives to get the case solved. You have a secret and dangerous mission ahead, and will have to find out who the killer is before it's too late. Learn more
2 to 8 people   60 min
The room is exclusive for your team
Available for the battle mode *
Two identical rooms available

The Temple

You and your team of archaeologists will face an adventure full of mysteries in an ancient Mayan building whose walls hold secrets long forgotten. Your mission is to rescue the treasure that has been guarded in this temple for over 2000 years. Many have tried and failed. Will you be able to complete this mission? Learn more
2 to 8 people   60 min
The room is exclusive for your team


The Escape Hotel was once an old cemetery, where Hungarian and Romanian immigrants buried bodies. This fact attracted no one but Vlad Tepes, better known as Count Dracula. You, a renowned vampire hunter, accepted a mission: to wipe out this unwanted guest. And get out alive, of course. Learn more
2 to 8 people   60 min
The room is exclusive for your team


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